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  • A counter flow stainless steel tube and bundle heat exchanger condensing system used to capture and recycle  BTEX and VOC vapors from the dehydrator still column


  • Closed loop system is an ideal pollution control system as it eliminates BTEX and VOC vapor emissions


  • Pays for itself by generating revenue from burner fuel savings and condensate recovery


  • Condensed liquids are collected in the tank and automatically transferred to storage


  • Residual VOC vapors are sent to the re-boiler main burner and used for fuel


  • Low initial cost


  • Recovers fugitive condensates for resale


  • Uses no electrical power


  • Easy to install


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  • Designed to prevent soil and ground water pollution


  • Protects our environment while saving time and money previously spent on clean up and maintenance


  • Very few moving parts


  • Uses available gas pressure as the motive force to pump the waste fluid




  • Waste fluid from glycol dehydrators

  • Lubricating oil and used engine oil from gas      compressors

  • Packing leaks from centrifugal and reciprocating pumps

  • Packaging leaks from oil well pump jacks

  • Overflow or vent lines

  • Waste liquid from flare lines

  • Storm water runoff from equipment skids

  • Distillates pump

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  • Pressure Relief Valves

  • Stainless Steel Inline Pressure Relief Valve

  • Manual Dump Plunger

  • Stainless Steel Float Arm & Pivot Assembly

  • Check Valve

  • Stainless Steel Valve Body Assembly

  • Pilot Valves

  • Pilot Valve Conversion Kit

  • SS Gauge Cock Set

  • Glycol Filled Gauge

  • Mixer Adaptor

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