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Transvac Ejector Solutions

Transvac has over 45 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of Ejector technology. We offer a unique one-stop-shop service, capable of supporting the most challenging of Ejector projects – with all key processes controlled in-house at our facility, in Derbyshire, UK.


This is important because it guarantees we can deliver our projects on-time and, by using a dedicated, specialist Ejector manufacturing facility, that we achieve the high standard of tolerance, surface finish and concentricity needed to ensure efficient Ejector designs operate successfully.


We pride ourselves in fully complying with the specifications of each project, so there are no technical compromises in deploying Transvac’s custom designed Ejector technology.

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3B Controls Limited

3B Controls manufactures low pressure valves and vacuum relief valves‚ breather valves‚ gauge hatches‚ emergency vents‚ manways‚ gas blanketing valves‚ storage tank breathers, pilot operated valves‚ flame arresters.


PV valves are manufactured in carbon steel‚ stainless steel‚ hastelloy‚ aluminum and a variety of exotic alloys and plastics such as polypropylene.  Steam jacketed valves are also available.

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INDEECO was founded in 1929 at the outset of the Great Depression yet participated in what became one of America’s greatest economic expansions.  Indeeco continues their manufacturing tradition today in building customized heating components and thermal heating solutions.

They specialize in function-critical heaters that perform according to precise specifications in even the most demanding and hazardous environments.

Indeeco has the technical and manufacturing resources that exceed those of smaller manufacturers, while offering the responsiveness and flexibility that applications require. 

Indeeco. Expect More. 

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Flameco Industries Inc.

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Flameco Industries has been the recognized leader in the natural draft burner industry for over 40 years.  Their reputation has been built on providing the best natural draft burner solutions for your projects.

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ACL Manufacturing 

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ACL has been leading the way in safe and reliable industrial burner systems for the Energy Sector since 1991.

Through years of experience, ACL has been a continual innovator in providing safe and reliable control equipment and clean technology for industrial heaters, incinerators, combustors, and flare ignition systems.

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EPG Companies Inc.

Since 1985, EPG Companies Inc. has designed and manufactured pollution control systems and equipment being used worldwide in various landfill, remediation, water, wastewater and industrial applications.

With over 12,000 installations, EPG has become the choice among thousands of environmental professionals.  Based in Maple Grove, MN, EPG Companies Inc. manufactures many popular products such as the patented Wheeled SurePump™ Leachate Sump Drainer, LevelMaster™ Monitoring & Control System.  Other products include Electrical Control Panels, Flow Meter Systems & Controls, E-Wave™ Wireless Switches, and Telemetry & Data Acquisition Systems, along with a myriad of other landfill, remediation, water, wastewater and industrial products.

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Since 1982, Jayco has manufactured vent valves and thief hatches built for dependability, strength, and easy maintenance. 

Based in Oklahoma City, and founded by outdoor enthusiast Jay Courtney, the Jayco line continues to be a first choice for oil & gas markets across North America. 

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PeterPaul Electronics Co.

PeterPaul is a manufacturer of solenoid operators and valves including 2-way normally open, 2-way normally closed, 3-way normally closed with exhaust to atmosphere, 3-way normally closed with piped exhaust, 3-way normally open, 3-way directional control, 3-way multi-purpose, high flow, hazardous location, miniature hazardous location, high pressure, low pressure, low watt, magnetic latching, manifolds, operators, plastic, safety, stainless steel, and mini valves.


PeterPaul offers thousands of possibilities from solenoid valves that operate with power as low as .5 watt to pressure as high as 3000 psi.

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Secure EnViro Systems Ltd.

Secure EnViro's innovative load line box design was created after seeing the need within the oil & gas industry for a solution for a labour and time intensive process.  Many oil & gas companies experience oil spillages at loading facilities.  Our truck out and load line boxes are designed to be user friendly, cost effective and time saving for the oil companies.  What once took hours has become a 20 minute job for one person with our spill containment boxes.  An added benefit was that these new oil catching solutions also lessened the contamination of the environment.  Our company has been designing pig trap boxes and blow down boxes for pneumatic applications for over 25 years.

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