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  • Highly sensitive, easy to use, and compact


  • 3.2” capacitive touch LCD that allows users to calibrate and view data


  • Economic benefits arise from greater process control and less waste


  • Measurement methods include absorbance, fluorescence and reflectance

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Oil In Water Analyzer

  • Continuously and accurately measures the presence of oil in water


  • Less susceptible to noise due to bubbles, reabsorption, and turbidity in the sample


  • Ideal solution for your in-line process monitoring needs


• Wastewater Treatment            • Steam Condensate
• Boiler Feed-Water                    • Refinery Run-Off
• Ballast Water Discharge          • Cooling Tower Water

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  • Compact 42”x9”x8” design, powder coated Nema 4X enclosure capable of benchtop or wall mounting


  • 7” intuitive touch screen display with easy-to-use software allows users to calibrate and view data


  • Removable grab sampling bottle provides fast results of remote samples and simple instrument verification


  • High precision photometer with long life LED light source capable of absorbance measurements up to 3AU with +/- 1% FS accuracy


  • Simple process connection with integrated fast loop, optionally provided without fast loops for pond measurements


  • Unique fluid handling system utilizing a single valve and high accuracy syringe pump for ease of maintenance and high-precision measurements. The valve design permits up to 4 measurement locations to be performed sequentially with a single analyze


  • Low reagent usage (most applications require less than .4ml)


• Silica                  • Manganese          • Phosphate
• Aluminum        • Ammonia              • Cooper
• Calcium            • Hydrazine              • Iron

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H2S Analyzer

  • Monitor hydrogen sulfide concentrations ranging from 0-10 ppm to 0-100% continuously using optical absorbance and eliminate the need to replace paper tape reels.


  • The H2S Analyzer system consists of two major components: the H2S Flow Cell and the PX2 Photometer. The flow cell, which can be connected to the process line, contains the sample so that it never comes into contact with the electronics. The PX2 is connected to the flow cell via fiber optic cables, and can be mounted away from the process in an area-specific enclosure for increased safety.


  • The PX2’s Auto-Tune feature takes the guesswork out of setting selection–fill the flow cell with zero/background gas and let the PX2 do all the work. Additional pressure and temperature outputs are offered to allow for measurement compensation.

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Oil In Water Analyzer

  • Accurately measures the concentration of oil in water while producing results in real-time


  • Utilizes liquid-liquid extraction to eliminate background interferences in the sample


  • The AES Control Panel App allows the user to adjust the unit’s measurement, output, and logging settings; also allows the user to view historical data, export data to Excel as a .csv, and save or restore past measurement methods


  • The Auto-Tune feature automatically optimizes the measurement setting, while Auto-Cal determines calibration points using user-provided standards


  • Standard data outputs include MODBUS, 4-20mA, and USB to CST Software


  • Low cost of ownership with no routine maintenance

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Water in Ethenol Analyzer

  • Continuously and accurately measures the presence of water in ethanol using NIR spectroscopy


  • Comes preassembled in a waterproof NEMA4X enclosure with a dedicated sample flow cell outside of the enclosure


  • More efficient and less expensive than Karl Fischer titration. No reagents required and results are produced in real-time


  • Easy to use software with a digital touch display allows users to view data and calibrate


  • Standard data outputs include MODBUS, 4-20mA, and USB to CST Software


  • Low cost of ownership with no routine maintenance


• Ethanol production         

• Water in alcohol monitoring

H2S Scrubber

Sensing 7_edited.png
  • Selectively removes the gas from process streams without impacting the oxygen concentration or any other refinery components

  • Indicates its useful life through a color conversion, changing from blue-green to material is depleted black once the active

Standard Specifications

• Total Height: 14 cm               

• Height of Active: 5 cm
• Pressure Drop: 1.5-2.5 psi 

• Flow Rate: 100-500 cc/min
• Max Pressure: 125 psi         

• Max Temperature: 100°F

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Flow Cells


  • Process-ready Fiber Optic Flow Cells facilitate inline measurements of gas or liquid sample streams in demanding industrial environments


  • Manufactured in a variety of materials with adjustable path lengths ranging from 0.05-500 mm

Optical Interface Couplers (OICs)


  • Sold either separately as stand-alone items in support of photometric analyzers for industrial applications, or packaged with a compatible flow cell


  • Designed to send a collimated beam of light through a sample over a broad range of distances


  • Standard materials of construction are 316 Stainless Steel, fused silica optics, and Viton O-Rings

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